A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt
A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt
A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt
A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt
A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt
A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt

A500 Signature Edition, Ibenholt

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What has changed on the A500 Signature Edition?

 Made in Denmark.

 Purifi Ultra Long Stroke Low Distortion Woofers

✓ Optional Cardioid Mastertuning available 

✓ Internal Silver wires with teflon isolation.

Ibenholt/Ebony real wood veneer

✓ HDF cabinet construction for improved rigidness.

Note: Only EU or US power cord included for the speakers.

The new A500 Signature Edition is something truly special

- special in the sense that it is a standmount speaker, that has all the advantages of a big floorstander speaker, without any of its drawbacks. It's in many ways what we consider, the perfect speaker. It's both compact, achieves extremely deep tight bass, high SPL levels with super low distortion, while also being very easy to place in any room, and even very close to the back wall thanks to its optional Cardioid Mastertuning.

So how is this possible?
For this design, we have used every bit of knowledge we have learned over the years of building active DSP based speakers, combined with the world's best performing woofers from Purifi, Denmark. The woofers have been custom-made, to fit the rest of the A500’s design. In comparison to the Original A500, the Signatures uses a front woofer design with dual voice coil structure, which means we can use 2 x 150 watts for this woofer alone.

What makes the Purifi woofer special, is its ability to move over twice the amount of air compared to a normal 6.5” woofer, while retaining an ultra low distortion - even at high SPL levels! The internal cables have also been upgraded to silver wires, based on the great experience we had doing this in our S400 Signature Edition speakers. The end result is an extraordinarily powerful speaker, with a new level of clarity in both midrange and bass. If you are interested in reading more about the groundbreaking technologies that goes into making these Purifi woofers, be sure to check the more detailed text further down.

As all of our SE speakers, the A500 SE is hand built in Denmark in an Ebony real wood veneer, as only 50 pairs will be produced and sold in this finish. None of our other speakers will feature this veneer, making these speakers even more unique.

Amplifiers4 x 150 RMS / 330 Peak watts class D (each speaker) 
Operating principle
2.5-way sealed enclosure / 2-way with cardioid back woofers 
Tweeter1 x 0,74" Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide
Mid / woofer1 x 6.5" PURIFI Extended Stroke Driver with Ultra Low Distortion, Custom made with Dual Voice Coil
Rear / subwoofer1 x 6.5" PURIFI Extended Stroke Driver with Ultra Low Distortion
Frequency response25 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1.5dB (can change with mastertunings)
DSPQuad Core Processor
DAC chip4 x CS4398 (each speaker) 
Crossover point150 hz / 2800 hz (can change with mastertunings)   
WirelessWiSA 24 bit / 96khz. Can be paired across brands up to 7.1 setup
Cabled analogue input24 bit / 192khz ADC / Balanced / Unbalanced XLR / 20k ohms input impedance
Measurements (h x w x d)365 x 180 x 280 mm (14.4” x 7” x 11”) 
Input voltage100-240 Volts AC auto adjusting (1.8 m IEC C13 EU or US power cords incl.)
Weight9.7 kg each / 24,7 kg shipped
Warranty10 years on speakers / 4 years on electronics
Speaker grillesIncluded
Cabinet15mm HDF with two separate internal cabinets for each woofer