A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)
A500 (B Stock)

A500 (B Stock)

€3.300,00 /pair Regular price €4.200,00


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B-stock is unboxed speakers which have either been returned by a previous customer or a reviewer. The speakers are inspected and categorized as great condition and come with full warranty and “45 days trial”. If you don’t like the product, you can return it for a refund within the trial period.

Very small visual defects can occur.

*Please note that on ANY B stock product, you are responsible for sending the product back and pay the costs associated with it.


*This bundle includes the Platin Hub + remote

Note: Only US and EU power cord included for the speakers. 

For the Hub you have EU - US - UK plugs


Probably the most versatile speaker in the world.

Is the A500 the right choice for you? Are you looking for a powerful compact speaker with the capability of being full range without the use of a sub? Then it's pretty likely that you would love these. They even have the convenience of being wireless if you buy them as a bundle with the Platin Hub or pair them with any WiSA Transmitter. If you, like many people, don't have the optimal acoustic room, and maybe you don't have the option to pull speakers far away from the wall, then in this case the A500's got your back!

The sound of the A500 is versatile and subject to change thanks to its unique aspect of multiple Mastertunings. If you feel like it, you have many options to change the sound to your preference. But the overall characteristics of the A500 is a sound that works with your room to create a large and immersive sound. The soundstage is big and deep, and you get this feeling of being wrapped in music with fantastic imaging. It's a speaker that is easy to listen to for hours without listening fatigue without having a dark and mellow sound.  

You have sudden limitations of what to expect in terms of power and bass performance on a standmount speaker. The A500 is different at this point. It's a relatively small speaker that utilizes two separated sealed enclosures for each of the 6" long stroke woofers. This means that we have flexibility of the bass tuning, we can control how deep the speaker should reach in terms of low frequencies. This gives you an extraordinary deep bass straight down to 25hz, but it does this while being fast and nuanced thanks to the sealed enclosures.

Amplifiers3 x 150 RMS / 330 Peak watts class D (each speaker) 
Operating principle
2.5-way Or 3-way sealed enclosure 
Tweeter1 x 0,74" Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide
Mid / woofer1 x 6" linear long stroke paper cone
Rear / subwoofer1 x 6" linear long stroke paper cone
Frequency response25 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1.5dB (can change with mastertunings)
DSPQuad Core processor
DAC chip3 x CS4398 (each speaker)
Crossover Point150 hz / 2800 hz (can change with mastertunings)  
WirelessWiSA 24 bit / 96khz lossless. Can be paired across brands up to 7.1 setup
Cabled analogue input24 bit / 192khz ADC / Balanced / Unbalanced XLR / 20k ohms input impedance
Measurements (h x w x d)365 x 180 x 280 mm (14.4” x 7” x 11”)
Input voltage100-240 Volts AC auto adjusting (EU & US power cords incl.)
Weight8.8 kg each / 24 kg shipped
Warranty10 years on speakers / 2 years on electronics (4 years if registered)
Speaker grilles included 
Cabinet15mm MDF with two separate internal cabinets for each woofer