S400 Crossover upgrade kit
S400 Crossover upgrade kit

S400 Crossover upgrade kit

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* Are not compatible with the S400 MKII

S400 Signature crossover upgrade kit 

The Signature crossover is equipped with a high-end crossover made with quality parts from the Danish Jantzen Audio. We use Superior Caps for the tweeter network and Cross Caps for the woofer network. All inductors are baked air coils up too 1.6mm thick for low distortion. Resistors are the top of the line Superres 1% tolerance. Everything is mounted on a high quality thick PCB board.

Internal Silver wires with Teflon isolation.

Easy to install with no soldering required. Glue for mounting is included.

Prices are listed for 2 pcs crossovers


* As the crossovers are glued in place, this is a permanent solution. We do not offer return service on this product.