P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)
P300 (B Stock)

P300 (B Stock)

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B-stock is unboxed speakers which have either been returned by a previous customer or a reviewer. The speakers are inspected and categorized as great condition and come with full warranty and “45 days trial”. If you don’t like the product, you can return it for a refund within the trial period.

*Very small visual defects can occur.

*Please note that on ANY B stock product, you are responsible for sending the product back and pay the costs associated with it.

Is the P300 the right one for you?

The goal of the P300 was to create a speaker that captures the design philosophy of the beloved S400, but where we really do everything possible to cut the price dramatically down. Doing this without sacrificing performance (in comparison to the S400 MKII) is impossible, but the P300 speakers have surpassed even our own expectations, which is why we truly believe this is a gem between speakers in its price range!

What is the P300? A compact, elegant and powerful speaker with low-end that doesn't necessarily call for a subwoofer. A speaker that has Controlled Directivity that makes it work better in rooms that are not 100% acoustically ideal.

In comparison to the S400 MKII, there are 3 parts we have changed: Woofer, Crossover and Binding Post. By reusing parts such as the cabinet waveguide and packaging, we can save costs on production, tools and development time. This optimization process has been a big part of us being able to sell the P300 at such a low price point. 

The Woofer:

This new custom-made paper cone woofer is something we are rather proud of. It's built with a more regular proportioned motor and a shorter stroke design, compared to the driver used in its big brother, the S400 MKII. It still carries the strong aluminum chassis of its big brother for low compression, instead of the typically found in drivers at this price point. In direct comparison to the big brother, you lose a tiny bit SPL capability, sensitivity and deep bass. But in return you get tighter bass and improved transient response, which makes them less sensitive to room placement. 

The Crossover:

Let's face it, the quality of parts are not near what we have put into the S400 MKII. But the quality of the parts used in the P300 crossover are no joke either, and still superior to what you will typically find in other speakers in this price range. Like with the S400 MKII, we teamed up with the high-end manufacturer Jantzen Audio Denmark to get crossover parts both custom designed for the P300, but also using some of their well known existing parts. Still no cheap sand cast resistors! We use Jantzen MOX resistors, which is a foil based audio resistor. For inductors, we use Jantzen's baked air core inductors where it's most important, mixed with their iron core inductors as well. The capacitors are a mix of metallized polyester film capacitor for the tweeter, and Jantzen's own "eleCap" is used for the woofer, which is a low tolerance aluminum electrolytic capacitor that is of much higher quality than your standard electrolytic capacitor you often see used.

The Binding Post:

Not much to say about them. It's a standard 5 way binding post that is easy to use. A practical solution that would last and is cost friendly to hit our target.

So how do they sound? 

It is a super well-rounded speaker. It's a neutral and transparent speaker. It does not add anything, or take anything away from the recording. It does not try to impress you with a colored sound. The bass is shockingly deep and powerful, yet agile and tight that makes note to note distinction in the bass region very clear. Midrange is clear and full, with a hint of warmth thanks to the paper cone woofer. The soundstage is the king of the show here. It is designed to be projected a bit laid back, with a ton of depth and spaciness (3d), that give you a real sense of "air" between instruments in the mix. This makes it a breeze to isolate each musician in the music and is a very different experience from the typical forward flat wall of sound in front of the speakers you most likely come from today. This is a style of design that many S400 MKII users have really come to appreciate, which is also present in the P300! It's hard to put into words, but we hope that this gives an indication on what to expect. 

For high SPL levels, the S400 MKII is a better option, but the P300 can play loud enough to damage your ears, if you choose to go there.
And despite the relatively low price, the P300 scales incredible well with higher end gear to drive it!

Many would be left with the question, are they as good as the S400 MKII? Of course not! But if the S400 MKII is over your budget, the P300 does bring you all the same aspect that made the S400 so popular in the first place. And between many speakers in this price range, the P300 is designed, tuned and built like a proper high-end speaker that would last you a lifetime!    

Operating principle2-way passive radiator system
1 x 0,74" Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide
Mid / woofer1 x 6" Paper cone 
Passive Radiator1 x 5x8" Long stroke passive radiator
4 ohms
Sensitivity86 dB
Frequency response37 - 40.000 Hz +/- 3dB (in-room)
Crossover point2900hz
Power recommendation50 - 200 W 
Measurements (h x w x d)365 x 180 x 280 mm (14.4” x 7” x 11”)
Weight6.3 kg each / 14.1 kg shipped
Speaker grillesIncluded
Warranty5 years
Cabinet15mm Fiberboard HMR.E2 Moisture-proof with internal bracing.