Anniversary 10 / A10

Our new Active Speakers will soon be released. 


Anniversary 10 - Celebrating 10 years of Buchardt Audio.

The A10 is a culmination of all the experience that we have gathered over the last 10 years of designing and building HiFi speakers. Over the last decade, we have produced and sold thousands of speakers to happy HiFi enthusiasts from all around the world. Listening to feedback from our customers, learning from the best and adding our own flavor to the mix, has created extremely popular and critically acclaimed speakers, and has now evolved into our best sounding speaker yet. The A10 is something we are truly proud of, both in terms of sound, look and production values. It is a true celebration of our passion for amazing high-end sound, great engineering and high value products.

Solid wood cabinets - Natural beauty shaped by skilled craftsmanship.

The cabinets are made out of 19mm solid wood that is CNC machined into perfect pieces and then assembled by experienced and passionate woodworkers. The A10 is a handcrafted, high quality speaker, and with the solid wood cabinets it has an amazing natural look and feel that is far superior to typical veneered cabinets. Fantastic sound, wrapped in FSC approved solid wood.

Purifi - Offering the world's best performing woofer, in a speaker in this price range.

This is something we're very proud of. The Purifi woofer is a technologically wonderchild that has received countless awards and praise in reviews because of its ultra low distortion, and therefore very clean sound. Our customized version for the A10 is tailor-made to match the components we use, creating the perfect synergy between the digital amplifier modules and our all new Buchardt RFA19 tweeter. 

Made in Denmark - Flexibility and high quality, right around the corner. 

In-house cabinet production and speaker assembly, all done by highly skilled craftmen, that care about the work they put into the speakers. This gives the A10 a very high level of quality and feel. But it's not just the cabinet and assembly, that is done locally. All development and all partners are located in Denmark, most of them very close to our office in Silkeborg, Jutland.

Active speakers - Large feature set in a compact setup.

Being an active speaker, the A10 offers a lot while requiring a very small footprint in the listening space. Amplifiers are built into the speakers, removing a lot of clutter from the surroundings, while the DSP in the speakers offers great customizability via our Mastertunings. If bundled with the Platin hub, the Room Correction and Manual EQ are powerful tools to help optimize the speakers for any room or placement, as well as offering streaming capabilities such as Chromecast, Airplay and Roon ready. All the advantages of being an active speaker ensures amazing performance from the A10, no matter how or where you want to use them.

RFA19 - New level of clarity and detail, without a hint of harshness from our own new tweeter.

Improved motor and a new Aluminum dome are some of the key changes to this new 19mm RFA19 tweeter. It's designed to match our waveguide, which ensures the tweeter behaves perfectly even at extreme angles. Using a waveguide also removes any cabinet diffraction from the tweeter output. Due to the shape, material and small size of only 19mm, the break-up frequency of the aluminum dome is out of the human hearing range (hence the name RFA19Resonance Free Aluminum 19mm) . This is otherwise a typical problem with alu dome tweeters that makes them sound harsh and unforgiving. With the break-up frequency outside the hearing range, the RFA19 sounds extremely clean and highly resolved, while still being easy on the ears, even for long listening sessions.

Made from solid wood

Made in Denmark

10 years warranty

The A10: Expanding on the known foundation, using the latest tech, and starting our own cabinet production.

Having produced and sold our high performing A series speakers for years, we have continued our development in active speakers, based on the feedback from thousands of customers. So the A10 is built upon everything we have learned so far, but expanded with the latest woofer technologies available – a new, in-house developed tweeter and our own cabinet production in Denmark. We poured a lot of soul, effort and hard work into this project, and we really think it paid off. So much that it has set a new standard for how we are going to produce speakers in the future.