A500 Signature Mastertunings 

Hereunder you can see and download each of our Mastertunings by pressing the blue icon. The tunings variations are described with the Theoretical tuning as a baseline. Do NOT use these on the A500 or A700.

The Theoretical Flat "Stock"

This gives a sound that is very well-balanced and works great overall. It gives a good balance of very deep bass and SPL levels. This setup is what's called a 2.5 way design. It does heavy use of FIIR filters, steep crossover slopes, basically every DSP trick in the book to achieve the perfect speaker on paper. Not much have been adjusted from listing test here. It's a science based speakers that follows Floyd Toole's research and philosophy. If you look for a razor flat frequency response. This does 17hz at -6dB

The Theoretical 40hz Hi-pass

Same as the Theoretical tuning but with a 40hz hi-pass 4. order. This is perfect for Sub parring.

The Theoretical - Cardioid

Cardioid is a pretty big subject. Basically we use the back woofer to cancel out lower frequencies from 90-300hz which is an area where speakers normally are omnidirectional. This lowers the room's interference with the speakers very much and gives you a very clean presentation in bass and lower midrange. This allows you to have the speakers very close to wall boundaries, while they maintain a "free" sound. It does lower the output capabilities dramatically on the speakers. They do 20hz at -6dB

The Theoretical Allround

Based on the same principles as the "Flat" but designed to resemble crossover designs of passive speakers. This would have lower crossover slopes and would have s slightly different tonality in comparison to the "Flat"    

Neutral Forward Midrange

In comparison to "The Theoretical", this is a tuning that clearly takes another approach. Soundstage depth, and the way soundstage is overall presented, is much different. The way LLE and limiter works is also designed differently. It's a tuning that is tuned more by ear, but where you have a linear baseline, to insure it's not unnatural sounding. The speaker is still preserved as very neutral sounding, but are more exciting to listen too. This is tuned to have a more forward midrange presentation to give voices especially a bit more energy. 

Neutral Forward Details

Created from the Neutral flat, this is tuned to bring out a bit more energy of the top end, so you have more clearly on cymbals and strings. It's also a tuning that is well suited for people, where the hearing sensitivity of higher frequencies has dropped.  

Neutral Warm

Created from the Neutral flat, this is tuned to be more forgiving overall. It's well suited for rooms that are very lively, or for people that are very sensitive to higher frequencies.