Controlled directivity and why it's important

So the good news is that most present-day loudspeakers tend to sound pretty good on-axis. What's also true is that there are still many loudspeakers that perform rather poorly as soon as you move off-axis. Since most research suggests that what we hear in-room is estimated to be around 12% direct sound (from your speakers), 44% Early Reflections (from your room), and 44% Sound Power (how the sound loads your room), we strive to create solutions that'll deliver predictable, consistent, and excellent results both on and off axis – regardless of the living space!


Note how the A500 possesses nearly the same frequency response on-axis as it does in the off-axis.


This shows the contour response of A500 (how a speaker spreads the frequencies off-axis). A500 keeps and controls the directivity from 1000 hz and all the way up.

What this translates to is a non-distorted, evenly distributed in-room frequency response that allows the A500's to sound balanced even at extreme angles, which in turn allows the enthusiast to enjoy sundry benefits like improved imaging, a bigger soundstage, and better transparency. This excellent off-axis response will also result in a drastically widened 'sweet spot' and most importantly, a character that will remain steadfast even as you move around your home as the music plays.

We've found that this trait best suits most people’s rooms and lifestyles. Especially those with untreated rooms. The bottom line? The A500 is capable of delivering exceptional in-room performance in any room.