A500 review (summery translated)

By dtown

Article: http://www.dtown.co.il/articles/5225.html

"They pull you in with detail, dynamics and exceptional soundstage - ones I never thought to hear at such a price level, also not double and triple from it, my crash on them led me to many hours of listening for many days. I will try to summarize the most prominent features of the above speakers so that the review will not spread over an unreasonable amount of pages.

Their overall character is a full, pleasant and round sound with soft highs that allow for prolonged listening without fatigue, right on the neutral side of the scale and lows that manage to cheat the laws of physics and don’t sound like any off-the-shelf speaker. The differences between the masterings allow for maximum convenience in finding the right balance of the speaker for the user - a bit like choosing another model from the same series of the same speaker, want the small shelves? no problem, want a bigger one? Just upload the appropriate file and you are set.

The position of the musicians on stage is simply amazing, each of the musicians sounds exactly where it is supposed to be in the hall, the sound wraps you far beyond the limits of the speakers and yet each of them is positioned in such a way that it is very easy to translate into visual experience without much effort. Challenging sections and panning games (switching between the right and left sides) were no obstacle to this set - it passed the "stage test" in everything I threw at it and presented a very homogeneous and pleasant picture.

Dynamics - Also in this segment I do not have a bad word to say, I was surprised, transients go smoothly and it seems that the amplifiers that teamed up did a great job of controlling and restraining the drivers, coupling with a closed box and you got a dynamic, agile and accurate speaker. Whether it's the bass drum in Fleetwood Mac's Chain or Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb the differences between the beats will jump to your ear even if you are not looking for it and so will the other frequencies whether it's Paco de Lucia's guitar, El Demiola and John Or The Leslie (a rotary speaker used to create a tremolo effect - a kind of sound that comes and goes with a certain frequency) in the opening of Fix You by the Coldplay band - every nuance is noticeable.

Nothing escapes them for better or worse, old recordings? You will probably discover things you did not know the microphone even caught. the speaker introduced twitter that knows how to reproduce high frequencies in a very natural and non-tiring way, I thought the twitter would sound fake or doll with xylophones, I was wrong, I thought it would miss the strings, I was wrong again, this tiny soft twitter does a nice job and reminded me of the Q Acoustics Concept 500 for good, Good job.

These speakers, or more properly, this bundle is remarkable for its price. I think that from a sonic point of view it will take quite a bit of time to reach the result that this duo provides by assembling a system from individual parts. The ease and convenience with components that are adjusted to work together in a room provide a serious advantage for those who are not looking for the adventure of replacing and adjusting components, This set will provide value for years without the constant need to continue searching.

Connected to my regular source (Macbook Pro + RME DAC) directly to the A500 I felt an improvement in dynamics and overall picture but the convenience of direct transmission to the hub and the calibration capability felt like a worthwhile trade off. Their natural sound and neutral character will not necessarily suit everyone, there are those who will less like the neutrality and revealing of the A500 and may prefer a set with coloring of the sound but in my opinion it is a strong characteristic- Overall it is one of the most successful bundles such money can buy High value, excellent sound, versatility and exceptional usability.

● Fine detailed and dynamic sound
● Outstanding bass
● Room calibration system (via hub)
● Ease of use
● Wireless
● Master tuning

● The hub feels a little cheap
● Switching inputs is from the remote only (as for the moment of writing, this option has been added in the beta app)
● A development product that has not yet reached its full potential (operationally)