The new P300 is here!

- and it's the new benchmark for value! The goal behind the P300 was to create a speaker that captures the design philosophy of the beloved S400, but where we really do everything possible to cut the price dramatically down. Doing this without sacrificing on performance in comparison to the S400 MKII is impossible, but this speaker has surpassed even our own expectations which is why we truly believe this is a gem between speakers in its price range!


An compact, elegant and powerful speaker with low-end that don't necessarily calls for a subwoofer. A speaker that have Controlled Directivity that makes them work better in rooms that are not 100% acoustically ideal.

SAVE €150 


How do the P300 sound?

They are a super well-rounded speaker. It's a neutral and transparent speaker. It does not add anything, or take anything away from the recording. It does not try to impress you with a colored sound. The bass is shockingly deep and powerful, yet agile and tight that makes note to note distinction in the bass region very clear. Midrange is clear and full, with a hint of warmth thanks to the paper cone woofer. The soundstage is the king of the show here. It is designed to be projected a bit laid back, with a ton of depth and spaciness (3d), that give you a real sense of "air" between instruments in the mix. This makes it a breeze to isolate each musician in the music and is a very different experience from the typical forward flat wall of sound in front of the speakers you most likely come from today. This is a style of design that many S400 MKII users have really come to appreciate, which is also present in the P300! It's hard to put into words, but we hope that this gives an indication on what to expect. For high SPL levels, the S400 MKII is a better option, but the P300 can play loud enough to damage your ears, if you choose to go there. And despite the relatively low price, the P300 scales incredible well with higher end gear to drive it! Many would be left with the question, are they as good as the S400 MKII? Of course not! But if the S400 MKII is over your budget, the P300 does bring you all the same aspect that made the S400 so popular in the first place. And between many speakers in this price range, the P300 is designed, tuned and built like a proper high-end speaker that would last you a lifetime!    

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