A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)
A700 LE (B Stock)

A700 LE (B Stock)

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A700 Limited Edition (B Stock)

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What has changed on the A700 Special Edition?

Made in Denmark.

New RFA-19 tweeter
Completely new Mastertunings
✓ Beautiful new cabinets
Cardioid dispersion Mastertuning

Interested in adding the Zen Mic? You can find it here. Works for both Platin Hub & Primare SC15 MKII. 

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B-stock is unboxed speakers which have either been returned by a previous customer or a reviewer. The speakers are inspected and categorized as great condition and come with full warranty and “45 days trial”. If you don’t like the product, you can return it for a full refund within the trial period.

Very small visual defects can occur.

The A700 Limited Edition is a redesigned and updated version of our most powerful and flexible speaker.

The A700 is one of our most successful speakers, and it has been one of the cornerstones of our line-up for years. To this day, it is still an exceptional performer and is highly regarded among both customers and reviewers. But as Buchardt Audio is a company in constant development, new technology have been engineered, and we want our top of the line speaker to adopt some of what we have learned over the years.

Upgraded tweeter: The amazing performance of our in-house developed RFA19 tweeter is being added to the A700, for better detail retrieve and increased resolution at the top and end upper midrange. This change takes the A700's to the next level in terms of treble performance, and we have taken everything we learned from the implementation of the RFA19 in the A10, and optimized the performance even more with the A700 Limited Edition.

Completely new Mastertunings: The brain of the speakers have had its code re-written, once again, including new tips and tricks we have learned over the years. The rework of the Mastertunings is a crucial part of perfect integration of the new tweeter, and we are very impressed with the performance our engineers have been able to pull out of the new tweeter in the updated A700.
We have put a lot of effort into this, to ensure our customers get the most out of the upgraded parts.

Cardioid dispersion (optional): Something unique to the A700 model is that we have the power and headroom in the design to do Cardioid dispersion, which is a pretty big subject in its own. Basically we use the back woofer to cancel out lower frequencies from 90-300hz which is an area where speakers normally are omnidirectional. This lowers the room's interference with the speakers very much and gives you a very clean presentation in bass and lower midrange where a lot of vocals are. This is an optional Mastertuning you can install. 

Made In Denmark: The A700 Limited Edition is crafted in Denmark and is available in black, white, and a high-quality real walnut wood veneer. Unlike the usual lacquer coat finish, the walnut cabinets undergo an oiling and waxing process to preserve the raw appearance of walnut, enhancing its depth and dark tone. The wax serves as a sealant, ensuring the cabinets withstand the test of time.

Amplifiers4 x 150 RMS / 330 Peak watts class D (each speaker) 
Operating principle
3.5-way sealed enclosure / 3-way Cardioid
TweeterRFA19 - 1 x 19 mm / 0.74" Resonance Free Aluminum dome with CDC aluminum waveguide
Mid / woofer1 x 6" linear long stroke paper cone
Front / subwoofer2 x 6" linear long stroke paper cone
Rear / subwoofer2 x 6" linear long stroke paper cone
Frequency response19 - 29.000 Hz +/- 3dB, 25Hz - 27.000 Hz +/-2dB (can change with mastertunings)
DSPQuad Core Processor
DAC chip4 x CS4398 (each speaker) 
Crossover point100 hz / 250 hz / 2800 hz (can change with mastertunings)   
Cabled analogue input24 bit / 192khz ADC / Balanced / Unbalanced XLR / 20k ohms input impedance
WirelessWiSA 24 bit / 96khz. Can be paired across brands up to 7.1 setup
Input voltage100-240 Volts AC auto adjusting (1.8 m IEC C13 EU, UK or US power cords incl.)
Weight60 kg / pair shipping weight
Measurements (h x w x d)1000 (1035 with feet) x 180 x 280 mm (39.3” x 7” x 11”) 
Warranty5 years on speakers (10 years locked to first buyer's name)
2 years on amp modules (4 years locked to first buyer's name)
2 years on Platin hub / Primare SC15
Decoupling feetIncluded
Rubber spikesIncluded
Speaker grillesIncluded