Mastertunings is something very unique for our active speakers. With such advanced DSP capabilities, we can offer in a nutshell, multiple speakers in one. Changing the Mastertuning can completely change the speakers sound and build construction, so it can be directly tailored to your needs or taste.


First let's go over how to install the tunings.

  1. You need a USB stick / USB pen / USB key (tunings are under 1 mb so all sizes would work).

  2. Format the USB stick to FAT32 (If you have no idea what this means, and how to do it. Please go to YouTube and type “how to format a usb stick to fat32”) it’s a quick and simple task.

  3. Download the Mastertuning file you would like to try, and copy it to the USB stick. Be sure to only have one Mastertuning on the USB stick, if you try others, delete the previous Mastertuning before you copy a new Mastertuning on the USB stick)

  4. Turn off the speaker and mount the USB stick in the USB port on the back of the speaker.

  5. Turn on the speaker while the USB stick is mounted. You should now see the LEDs on the back do a quick sweep in a circular motion which indicates that the Mastertuning is correctly installed. You can now remove the USB stick again from the speaker. (If the LEDs do the circular sweep slowly, it means that it was not installed. This is most likely because the speakers can’t read the USB stick, check if the USB stick is FAT32).

  6. Do the same process for the other speaker.


    If for some reason you do not get the quick sweep of LEDs, try to press and hold the pairing bottom while you turn on the speakers (with the USB mounted).

    If this doesn't work, it's because the speakers can't accept your USB stick. Please try another.


Download the Mastertuning here for your speaker model :

You see folders for each Mastertuning. Inside each folder, you will find sub folders with smaller variants of the same Mastertuning.